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sms services anti-spam policy

By using replyx sms services, the user accepts to use it in compliance with the anti-spam policy stated below. replyx follows a zero tolerance spam policy and prohibits users from sending unsolicited sms in any form.

We constantly check spam complains via ISP feedback loops and various other means to ensure compliance and reserve the rights to terminate sms campaigns without notice.

If you believe you have been spammed, please notify

1. What Is Spam ?

Spam is an unsolicited commercial sms message, especially bulk sms message.

Definition of "Unsolicited"

An electronic message is unsolicited if the recipient did not request to receive the message or consent to the receipt of the message, or where the recipient has submitted an unsubscribe request 10 business days earlier.

Definition of "Bulk sms message"

Electronic messages shall be deemed to be sent in bulk if a person that sends, causes to be sent or authorizes the sending of electronic messages of similar subject matter of more than 100 messages during a 24-hour period; more than 1,000 messages during a 30-day period; or more than 10,000 messages during a one-year period.

2. Verification

It is prohibited to send messages to any person that has not expressed their consent to receive such information from the User. The subscriber’s consent may not be presumed or infer from the statements of other content. Subscribers may withdraw their consent at any time.

We recommend "opt-in lists" to all Users. This efficiently prevents spam complaints as recipients are receiving information they expect.

replyx strictly prohibits users from renting, leasing and/or purchasing lists from a third party, as well as from gathering them through surreptitious methods, such as scraping or harvesting. The use of any kinds of automated solutions, software or scripts is strictly prohibited.

3. Message Content

The message content must clearly identify the sender, be true and accurate, not be deceptive and thus mislead the subscriber.

The messages cannot contain any vulgar or illegal content.

4. Unsubscribe / Complaint / Bounced List

replyx automatically adds recipients who unsubscribed or complained. replyx also automatically adds recipients who are invalid (bounced).

The User is not allowed to send messages to any recipient who unsubscribed or complained.

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