Ann Consulting Pte Ltd

We are programmers, who build simple solutions for complex business operations. Our work changes enterprise workflow. We believe the world can become a better place, by creating quality software solutions that influence everyone.

Our Expertise

Ann Consulting is everything you need to run a parcel locker network or any kind of electronic locker systems. Our software works with all locker-body manufacturers so our clients are not tied to a particular manufacturer. A typical scenario is we provide the entire solution (locker-body & software). However our clients have the option to use their preferred (or existing) locker-body and other locker-body they would purchase in the future.

Our Servers

Providing robust server infrastructure is our main approach to maintaining relationship with our clients. We run our own server rack in a Tier-3 data center at 1-NET Singapore connected to multi-homing Internet with 2 upstream from SingTel and StarHub. A server-grade firewall is connected to our production server and we have a live redundant secondary physical server with similar capacity on standby at any point of time.

Our Backup Schedule

There are 3 sets of 7-day database backup at any point of time.
(1) Daily database backup to a TAPE in same physical server with 7 days of physical copies
(2) Daily duplicate to a hard-disk on another physical server on a different subnet
(3) Daily duplicate to a hard-disk on an offsite server

Our History